Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to tell the source of a dream

   All dreams come from one of three sources.  The trick is being able to tell which one of the sources it is from.  The first source if your soul. Your soul is usually the culprit of an accumulation of feelings that have been deeply suppressed and therefore show up in your subconscious when your body is asleep. The dreams from your soul may not have a resolve therefore, there is no ending.  For example, when you dream you are looking for something and never find it or, when you are running from something and keep running because something or someone is chasing you. Those dreams are very frustrating, as a result may indicate that someone or something is frustrating you and you have not figured out how to deal with it properly.

   Another source of dreams is the one who created you, God.  He could have created us not to dream but, he didn't. That is one of the ways He speaks to us. How awesome our God is that He uses dreams to communicate with us.  The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words hold true because when we are awake we possibly might miss something, but when we see it show up in a dream, we listen.  God uses dreams to encourage us many times by sending us a message while we are asleep.  Another reason God gives us a dream is to warn us of an impending danger. While awake we may think something is no big deal but to God it is very serious and we need to be warned that if we keep going in the direction we are going there could be serious consequences.  Many times God gives us directions that we are to take through our dreams. I remember one time I was asking God about a job opportunity I was given and had this dream: I was climbing up this mountain literally sweating as I grabbed pieces of the ground and pulling myself up. (representing doing it in my own strength) When I got to the top I saw this beautiful lake on the other side. I said that I was going to drop a rock in and if it splashed up cold I would know that it was not good to go into. At that very moment someone jumped over me and dove into the water.  It all seemed good at first but the guy that had jumped in was yelling for help because there was a shark in the water attacking him. I got the message that although this opportunity looked good, I was not to take this position.

 The final source is the enemy of our soul, Satan.  These type of dreams are referred to as nightmares. I don't try to interpret these because I know they are not from my heavenly Father. I rebuke the enemy in the name of Jesus and I plead the blood of Jesus over my mind.  I very rarely have one of these kind of dreams but I recognize them right away.

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