Thursday, May 18, 2017

Common Dreams Final

Another common dream is one of being back in school. I frequently have dreams where I am at school and am sitting in class and someone says, “There is a test today,” which I am totally unprepared for.  The feeling of Oh My Gosh, if someone had told me at least I would have studied. The feeling of being unprepared is the key to this dream.  If there is a task that you are feeling unprepared for you can always pray that God will show His strength in your weakness. That dream may be alerting you that a test is coming up and you need to be prepared for it so it won’t catch you off guard.  Pray! Pray! Pray!
When you dream of getting peed or pooped on you, this is telling you that you have been offended by someone.  I know this is crazy but the spirit of offense is very real and hard to see, so God will show you this is a dream to help you see it.  Another dream that shows you have pride in your life is when you dream of smoking. Yikes! We cannot see pride in our own lives so God will show us in a dream.

God uses things in our everyday lives to speak His messages to us.  Let’s say you are an avid golfer or fisherman, God will give you dreams of golfing or fishing.  If you are a teacher, God may show you a classroom or grading papers.  He uses ordinary, familiar things to teach us.  My husband is in the floor covering business, so he will frequently have dreams of job sites, rolls of carpet, etc.  The message is in the action or “take away.” Say for instance my husband dreams of a job going smooth and problem-free, the feeling of peace or that of doing a job well is the main “take away.”  On the other hand, if he dreams of a job that has problems after problems, the main “take away” would be the sense of frustration.  I think you get the picture.  Sweet dreams

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