Monday, May 8, 2017

Common Dreams

Common Dreams are the subject I want to talk about next.  It took me a while to realize that a lot of people have the same dream just different variations.  There is the naked dream. You realize that you have no clothes on and try to hide. That dream usually means that feel vulnerable and insecure. The good meaning of having no clothes on can represent that you are transparent.  Usually the first meaning is the case.  Then we have the dream where your teeth are falling out or some variation (false teeth, baby teeth, tooth ache) They all have different meanings but essentially the same root meaning.  Teeth represent wisdom. So, in the case of teeth falling out, you’re losing your “bite” on something.  No pun intended. False teeth represent you are trading truth for falsehood.  Baby teeth mean you need to grow up and start eating meat.  (Hebrews 5 and 6) Being pregnant or having a baby dreams represent expectations or hope and dreams that are deep within you. (Possibly a ministry) Then there is the dream that you are flying or dancing. Other variations could be riding a bike, with the wind blowing in your hair or swinging like a little child.  These dreams mean carefree and innocent.  These are very encouraging dreams. Pay close attention to your emotions in the dream which are a clue to the interpretation.  A lot of people have the alligator dream.  Alligators are old world animals and almost always represent generational curses.   Tomorrow I will continue with this subject.  Until then, Sweet Dreams!

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