Sunday, April 30, 2017

When God Just Shows You Something

There have been many times throughout my life where I have had a prophetic dream that in months to come has happened.  Maybe not exactly like in my dream but close enough that I knew it was a prophetic dream.  Sometimes this happens because we are prophetic people and God's gift in us is working.  He lets us know that we have a gift from Him, and it is a sign to let us know that He loves us. Isn't that cool?!  Just because!!! When this occurs, the just because, it is to encourage us that we do indeed hear from God.  This very thing happened to me when I was sixteen.  I had just gotten saved and was in high school.  I was an alternate with seven other girls on our drill team.  When one of the regulars missed 5 days of school, they would get taken out of the routine and on of us alternates would get to go in.  Several days before this happened I had a dream that on of the regulars had missed five days so they drew x's on a piece of paper to see which one of the eight alternates would be placed in the routine. As I opened up my little white square of paper, it had an x on it.  Then in real life when that scenario played out just like I dreamt it, well I jumped up and down and said out loud that I had dreamt it just a few nights before.  I did the math on that one and there was only a twelve and a half percent that the outcome would be in my favor.  But I do walk in the favor on the Lord!  So do you if you are reading this blog and know my sweet savior as the Lord of your life. He is a good, good Father.

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