Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Why are symbols exaggerated in dreams

Have you ever wondered why your dreams are so real or exaggerated? Why does everything in your dream seem to be intensified?  It is my opinion that God is trying to make a point and get your attention. The other night I dreamed of this big dark tornado (a common dream) and it was about to touch down.  In the dream I began speaking to the storm and rebuking it in Jesus name. As a result of my action, the tornado changed the direction of turning and began screwing back up into the sky.  God was telling me that there was a trial coming that would turn around as I began speaking to it with positive words. The storms obeyed Jesus. Luke 8:24 The same Holy Spirit lives in me and when I speak to the storms in my life they have to obey or God changes my attitude towards the storm. This dream was intense and the tornado was very dark and ominous. I believe this was given to me to make me aware of a situation I would be facing in the near future and how I am to handle it.  I will remember this dream when the time comes because it made such an impact on my mind.  I believe this was a prophetic dream which means it has not happened yet.  By writing this dream down, I can go back and read it when I see the storm coming and remember that all I need to do is speak to it and rebuke it and God will cause it to go back to where it came.  That brings me to the next area of dreams I want to write about, prophetic dreams.  You will need to watch for it in my next blog post.

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