Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Prophetic Dreams

Prophetic dreams are dreams that have not yet happened; therefore, they are hard to interpret or next to impossible to interpret.  I suggest that you write them down and when something happens that triggers your memory of a past dream, you go back and reread the dream and try to interpret it then.  You may recognize the symbols but not be able to fully understand the dream and its meaning until it has happened.  To fully interpret a dream, you have to recognize which area of your life it is speaking about. Prophetic dreams can be tricky because they speak of future events, which do not necessarily have to happen. If God shows you a calamity that is going to happen, you can pray and it may never happen or possibly not as bad as if you had not prayed. You can store up prayer for dreams!  On the other hand, if it is a good thing that God is showing you and you do not keep seeking Him, it may not happen.  I once dreamed of winning the lottery but that has not happened.  I suppose true riches of friends and family was what the dream really meant. In the bible when Joseph had a dream and shared it with his brothers it made them mad because they knew what it was saying even though it was many years from happening. (Genesis 37:5-11) The dream made them even more jealous than they already were towards Joseph.  It is my opinion that he should have kept that dream to himself!  There were symbols in Joseph’s dream to indicate that it had something to do with him ruling over them and that grain was involved, but who would know that a famine was coming and all Israel would have to come to Egypt to buy grain.  (Genesis 42:6)    

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