Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Names in Dreams

Often in a dream when you dream of someone with certain initials like JC or some other name, think of another person that you know with the same initials. I recently had a dream where the person was named JC and when I woke up I knew that person was Jesus Christ. John Connors could also stand for Jesus Christ because the initials are the same.  Get the point?  If the name stands out as a symbol in the dream, it has relevance.  You may see someone in your dream named Harry which doesn’t look like someone you know in real life, but you do know another person named Harry in real life. Whatever you think of when you hear the name Harry is probably what God is showing you. It could be a pun that things are about to get “Hairy.”(Complicated) What I am saying is the person in your dream may not look like the person you know, but the dream is still talking about the characteristics of that person.  I often dream of an aunt of mine.  I have to ask myself, “what she reminds me of?”, and this particular aunt is very wise and so when God uses her in my dream, I believe He is speaking about wisdom.   Until next time, sweet dreams.

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