Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dreams are for the Dreamer

Dreams are usually for the dreamer unless you are an intercessor, or in a position of authority over people. (e.g., pastor, counselor, etc.) So when you dream of a friend doing something in a dream, take the message for yourself. God is speaking to you because you are the one having the dream.  This was the hardest thing for me to learn because I am an intercessor. When I have a dream I have to examine every area of my life that God could be speaking to me about.  If it doesn’t fit any area of my life, only then can I assume that it was for the person I saw in the dream.  So, I pray for that person and rarely tell them what the dream was.  I have learned from experience. I once dreamed that I saw my best friend at the time driving in a Volkswagon. She drove into the garage and kept hitting the car into the wall.  I thought it was funny at the time.  I then realized that I have a German heritage (Volkswagon) and was hitting into a concrete wall and not going anywhere.  The thing about a Volkswagon is that it is small and air powered. (Spirit powered) If you know me, I am small in stature and very much a spirit empowered saint.  At this time in my life I was stuck in a situation that was not changing for the better.  The dream was an accurate assessment of how I was feeling. Another time I dreamed I was prophesying over this woman about her three children.  I told her the first one was going to go into the family business.  I saw that the second one was going to be a teacher. I could not see what the third one would be doing though. About a month later, my older daughter came to her father and me and told us she wanted to work for us.  It then hit me that the dream I had of prophesying to the lady was for me and I was the lady I had prophesied to. My second child did get her teaching degree and the future of our youngest has yet to be determined.  

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