Sunday, April 23, 2017

Symbols Good or Bad

    Now symbols can have either a good or bad meaning depending on how you feel about it in the dream.  For instance, if you dream about a tornado in a dream, it could mean destruction depending on the color of the tornado and the feeling you had while having the dream, or on the other hand, if the tornado is white and you are not sensing anything fearful but rather an awe at the majesty and greatness of the power of the wind, it might just represent the power of God coming to turn the situation around.  Colors of symbols are almost as important as the symbol itself.  Colors too can have both a positive or negative connotation. For instance, the color green can represent life because when things are green they are thought to be growing and alive, but on the negative side green can represent envy or greed.  Another meaning for green can be naive because in our culture when someone is thought to be naive, they are often called green.  This brings us to the next topic which is how symbols get their meaning.

     The first way that symbols get their meaning is from the inherent characteristic of the symbol; you can use that for the meaning.  For example, if I dream of an owl I know that owls are nocturnal creatures. They have very keen eyesight and feed on small animals. Sometimes I do a google search if I am not sure what the characteristics are. One night I dreamed of a hippopotamus carry a baby in its mouth and it was bringing it up out of the water.  After I googled searched it, I read (to my surprise) that when hippopotamuses give birth underwater they only have about 40 seconds to bring their babies to breathe before they die. I did not know that hippopotamuses ever gave birth underwater much less that they only had a short amount of time to get their babies to land. There was a situation going on in my life that I realized must be dealt with quickly or the baby (which in this case represented a ministry) would die.  As a result, it was dealt with quickly and lives on today.   

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