Friday, June 2, 2017

God dreams will line up with His word

A dream from God the Father will NEVER contradict His word.  That is the reason for knowing God’s word inside and out.  God would never tell you to do something that is sin.  Although dreams are one of the many ways that God speaks to His children, the primary way He speaks to us is when we read His book.  If you haven’t been reading God’s word for a long time, I suggest checking your dreams that you feel are from God with His word.  By checking your dreams by God’s principles, you can easily determine if the dreams are not from God.  If they don’t line up with His word then chances are they are from your soul or the enemy.

God has used dreams in my life to show me things that I wouldn’t ordinarily know.  When I see something in a dream that is not the way it is when I am awake, I have learned that this is one of the ways His gift of the word of knowledge operates in my life.  I once had a dream that the church we were going to at the time had termites.  A few weeks later, the church secretary, who happened to be a personal friend of mine called me and told me that they had discovered termites in the building.  Wow! My dream had come true.  Why did God show me the termites?  I believe He allowed me to see the termites because He wanted to show me that I could trust Him when He showed me something that actually did matter.  Sometimes He has showed me the heart break that some people go through so that I can pray for them.  If you have a lot of vivid dreams for other people chances are you are an intercessor.  God doesn’t show us things for other people if we are not going to pray. Most of the time the dream is for the dreamer unless you are an intercessor, pastor, counselor, or in a position of authority over people.

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