Friday, March 31, 2017

A Personal Dream

I recently had a dream where I was yearning (hunger) for revival again.  I was feeling like God was going to open up a door for me and anoint me to preach. (God is going to fill my hunger with His presence) I thought to myself that there are too many distractions in America.  People are not hungry enough with social media consuming so much of their time.  Then I remembered just one touch from the Lord can make you want more. Taste and see that the Lord is good. (Psalms 34:8) The scene changed to a truck pulling a trailer behind with lawn equipment.  The truck was pulling around in a cul-de-sac and needed space, so I moved over into the grass.  (Getting out of the way so that God can do the needed work) Our grass was really long and in desperate need of being mowed. (mowing grass means needing repentance) This young woman jumps out of the truck and begins mowing our grass.  Someone else usually mows the grass, but he had gotten hurt and she was doing it for him.  I asked if she could trim the bushes by the house which were encroaching on the sidewalk.  She wrapped a string around the bush to show me where she would trim it back to.  I said that I wanted a little green left but where she had wrapped the string was okay.  (Again representing pruning) This woman then pulled the plant out of the ground and broke the roots.  There was only a small piece of root attached to the bush.  (pulling things out by the root represent all the things that I have been taught up to this point in my life need to be pruned) There will be enough left to sustain the growth of the plant.  She went over to the garage and my husband had straightened it. (God is my husband and He is in charge of getting things in order)  He had hung all the yard tools up high on the wall.  I would need to get a ladder to reach them. (I need to find the steps to reach higher. Fasting? More time reading my bible?)

So you can see the first part showed me that I have a hunger to be revived again. The scene change told me how to go about it. Repentance is something I do whenever God shows me that I have been neglecting my relationship with Him.  Pruning is a good thing although it is never fun.  I am in a process of being conformed into His image and this will take a lifetime, I am sure.

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