Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sequential Dreams

If you have several dreams in one night, look for the common theme in the dreams.  If you have one dream in the night and the scene changes, the first scene may indicate what the dream is dealing with. Pay close attention to the action that is going on. The next scene may give you more details of what or who it is telling you about.  As the dream progresses you may get even more clarity.  Reoccurring dreams are another area that you should be aware of.  When you have the same dream over and over, this might indicate that something is not getting through to you.  If it is a God dream, He will keep sending the message over and over until you respond to what He is telling you. Over the course of several years, I kept having dreams that I was missing a cruise ship.  Sometimes it would be a school bus that was pulling off as I was running after it.  I earnestly sought the Lord as to what this might be.  I had my thoughts on it, but it wasn’t until I started writing this book that the dreams stopped.  The school bus represents teaching.  So as I educate the readers of this book on the subject of dream interpretation, I no longer have the reoccurring dreams. The cruise boat represented a large task that the Lord was asking me to do.  Thankfully I obeyed. If the reoccurring dream is from your soul, it will go away once you have resolved the issue.  Sometimes the issue is our attitude towards someone or something.  Reoccurring dreams will keep “bugging” you until you seek out their meaning and resolve the issue.  In the bible when Pharaoh had the dream about the seven fat cows and the seven skinny cows that came out of the Nile and ate the seven fat cows and then he had a second dream about seven ears of fat corn and the seven ears of skinny, withered corn came and choked out the fat corn, the dreams were one in the same. Two dreams that both spoke about the future.  Both dreams were telling about the same fourteen years.  Both dreams spoke of the same seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine.  (Genesis 41:25) Many times a symbol will be repeated within the dream just in case you miss it the first time.  

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