Monday, March 27, 2017

numbers in dreams continued

I use Ira Milligan’s book Understanding the Dreams you Dream for the meaning of numbers, but I have found that they can be a time frame.  What I mean by that is say you have a dream of a baby that is thirteen months old that could represent something you started thirteen months ago.  In the bible when Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, the seven cows that Pharaoh dreamt about represented seven years. (Genesis 41:1-32) Numbers frequently represent time frames (i.e., days, months, or years.) I have even had a dream where numbers represented chapters and verses in the bible.  I dreamed I was back in school trying to get my locker opened and could not remember the combination to open it.  I went to the front desk to get the combination to my locker and got three numbers.  Turns out when I woke up that the three numbers were three psalms which I read that helped me with a situation I was dealing with at the time.  God is such a personal God that if He gives you a symbolic dream, He will help you figure out the meaning of the dream.  Sometimes it doesn’t come right away. Remember Daniel had to fast and pray for twenty-one days. (Daniel 10:13) If you know a dream has significance, keep pressing in until you get an answer. 

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